Sentence Examples

  • He would also ferry them back when the auction was finished, hauling home the spoils of the sale.
  • He staggered, and she snatched his wrist, hauling herself up.
  • The older, devised by Hooke in 1667, is provided with valves above and below, both opening upward, through which the water passes freely during descent, but which are closed by some device on hauling up. The newer or slip water-bottle type consists of a cylinder allowed to drop on to a base-plate when a sample is tro be collected.
  • In some cases hauling tackle is used, in others power is applied by levers and ratchets to the rollers on which the girders travel.
  • 49 (1907), "Cost of Hauling Crops from Farms to Shipping Points"; and in Bulletin No.

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