Sentence Examples

  • "Water," he continues, "was generically hallowed by the Spirit of God brooding over it at creation, and therefore all special waters are holy, and at once obtain the sacrament of sanctification when God is invoked (over them.) For the Spirit from heaven instantly supervenes and is upon the waters, hallowing them out of itself, and being so hallowed they drink up a power of hallowing."
  • When His disciples, having watched Him at prayer, desired to be taught how to pray, they were bidden to address God as " Father "; to ask first for the hallowing of the Father's name, and the coming of His kingdom; then for their daily food, for the pardon of their sins and for freedom from temptation.
  • Lastly come those needful to the hallowing and instituting of other sacraments, those which concern the conferring of orders or of monkish habit.
  • In like manner the special ritual at the temple prescribed for the Sabbath by the Pentateuchal law was not regarded as any part of the hallowing of the sacred day; on the contrary, the rule was that, in this regard, "Sabbath was not kept in the sanctuary."

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