Sentence Examples

  • Pierre stayed on her heels, guaranteeing her a wide berth.
  • She had no way of guaranteeing him that something she'd done wouldn't return to make them both miserable.
  • And it is in guaranteeing the veracity of our clear and distinct conceptions that the value of his deduction of God seems in his own estimate to rest.
  • The first private state bank was opened in 1817; an act of 1831 provided for a safety fund guaranteeing bank circulations and derived from a 41% tax on capital stock and a 1 o% tax on profits; but this law was modified in 1842, the tax being removed from banks giving specie guarantees; and a free banking act was passed in 1851.
  • LaVey 's involvement gives the witchcraft elements the official seal of approval, as it were, guaranteeing their verisimilitude if not absolute authenticity.

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