Sentence Examples

  • As usual, her stomach was grumbling for food.
  • He paced the Bird Song nest, glancing at his watch every thirty seconds and grumbling about time being money on his Internet auctions.
  • He informed Dean the climbers, who were due to check out later, had left for the ice park, grumbling at the heavy accumulation of snow which was abating to a last-ditch flurry after depositing thirty inches of fluffy white.
  • Vinnie paced up and down, grumbling like a bear on the first day of spring.
  • "Your majesty is not perhaps aware that the most unpopular person in the parish is the relieving officer, and if the queen were to constitute herself a relieving officer for all the parishes in the kingdom she would find her money go a very little way, and she would provoke more grumbling than thanks."

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