Sentence Examples

  • Perfectly pure distilled sea-water dissociates, to an infinitesimal degree, into hydrogen (H) and hydroxyl (HO) ions, so that one litre of such water contains 1 X 10 7, or 1 part of a gram-molecule of either hydr010,000,000 gen or hydroxyl (a gramme-molecule of hydrogen is 2 grammes, or of hydroxyl 17 grammes).
  • Gram xii.
  • Gram, ex-minister of the state of Norway.
  • Gram and M.
  • 60 at 15° C. One gram requires for solution between Boo and moo c.c. of water, 4 c.c. of absolute alcohol or 18 c.c. of wood spirit, and it is scarcely at all soluble in glycerin itself, but mixes in all proportions with ether, acetone, ethyl acetate and benzene.

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