Sentence Examples

  • Taking the centimetre, gramme and second as our fundamental units, the most convenient unit of force is that which, acting on a gramme for a second, produces in it a velocity of a centimetre per second; this is called a Dyne.
  • In the latitude of Paris the dyne is equal to the weight of about of a gramme, and the erg is the amount of work required to raise Ti lerof a gramme vertically through one centimetre.
  • Enforcement of the rights of the State in regard to the gramme Church, protection of freedom of conscience, mainten- of the ance of the military and naval policy inaugurated by the LefL
  • To the gramme-equivalents or gramme-molecules of the reacting substances, or to some multiples of them.
  • Represents the heat of neutralization of one gramme-equivalent of caustic soda with nitric acid, each in dilute aqueous solution before being brought into contact.

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