Sentence Examples

  • Berzelius took 8 grams of copper, converted it into the coloured chloride, and sealed up the whole of this in solution, together with a weighed strip of copper.
  • After some time the colour entirely disappeared; the strip of copper was then taken out and reweighed, and it was found to have lost 8.03 grams. Thus the chlorine, which in the coloured compound was in union with 8 grams of copper, appears, in the colourless chloride, to be combined with 16.03 grams, or almost exactly double the amount.
  • Fewer users are buying grams, with prices of street amphetamine sulfate broadly similar to cannabis prices at the ounce level or above.
  • To do this, make sure to add at least 30-60 grams of whey protein isolate to the carbohydrate beverage.
  • It 's lower in fat than most other meats (just 2.1 grams in a serving of roasted chicken breast, skin removed !

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