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  • In 1729 he published Essai d'optique sur la gradation de la lumiere, the object of which is to define the quantity of light lost by passing through a given extent of the atmosphere.
  • The following is a list of his principal works: - Traite d'optique sur la gradation de la lumiere (1729 and 1760); Entretiens sur la cause d'inclinaison des orbites des planetes (1734); Traite de navire, &c. (1746, 4to); La Figure de la terre determinee,.
  • Robinet, in his treatise De la nature, worked out the same conception of a gradation in organic existence, connecting this with a general view of nature as a progress from the lowest inorganic forms of matter up to man.
  • He prepares the way, too, for a doctrine of evolution by his monistic idea of the substantial similarity of all things, inorganic and organic, bodily and spiritual, and still more by his conception of a perfect gradation of existence from the lowest " inanimate " objects, whose essential activity is confused representation, up to the highest organized beingman - with his clear intelligence.'
  • 1 Considerations philosophiques sur la gradation naturelle des formes de l'etre; ou les essais de la nature qui apprend d faire l'homme (1768).

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