Sentence Examples

  • They have a musk gland on top of their rump that produces a smell when they get upset.
  • A gland and tuft are present on the skin of the outer side of the upper part of the hind cannon-bone; but, unlike American deer, there is no gland on the inner side of the hock.
  • This is the so-called c narion, or pineal gland, where in a minimized point the mind on one hand and the vital spirits on the other meet and communicate.
  • In that gland the mystery of creation is concentrated; thought meets extension and directs it; extension moves towards thought and is perceived.
  • On one hand the animal spirits " reflected " 2 from the image formed on the pineal gland proceed through the nervous tubes to make the muscles turn the back and lift the feet, so as to escape the cause of the terror.

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