Sentence Examples

  • This area is termed the "conducting" area, as distinguished from the lower or "detentive" gland-bearing area.
  • Other glands opening on or near the foot are: (I) The suprapedal gland opening in the middle line between the snout and the anterior border of the foot.
  • The gland has been found in both sub-orders of the Pectinibranchia, in Cyclostoma and Cypraea among the Taenioglossa, in Hemifusus, Cassis, Nassa, Murex, Fasciolariidae, Turbinellidae, Olividae, Marginellidae and Conidae among the Stenoglossa.
  • B, Sole of the foot of Pyrula tuba, to show a, the pore usually said to be " aquiferous " but probably the orifice of a gland; b, median line of foot.
  • They have a musk gland on top of their rump that produces a smell when they get upset.