Sentence Examples

  • 28 a subordinate place; it was perhaps only a collective name for the companies of merchants who conducted the SouthArabian export trade (the root saba in the inscriptions meaning to make a trading journey), and in that case would be of such late origin as to hold one of the last places in a list that has genealogical form.
  • A genealogical tree of animal kingdom (Lankester, 1884).
  • When, ten weeks before the murder, some hundreds of men came to Medina from Egypt and Irak, pretending that they were on their pilgrimage to Mecca, but wanted to bring before the caliph their complaints against his vicegerents, nobody could have the slightest suspicion that the life of the caliph was in danger; indeed it was only during 1 Ma'ad is in the genealogical system the father of the Moelar and the Rab`ia tribes.
  • On looking at the genealogical tree of the Malcolm of dynasty of Kenneth MacAlpine, we see that from the date of his death (859) to the accession of Duncan on the death of Malcolm II.
  • With the exception of the genealogical list (i.

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