Sentence Examples

  • It was exciting being at the forefront of drug development through the study of gene sequences.
  • The cells were analyzed to identify each gene expressed in the cell and the levels at which each gene is expressed.
  • The mutation was transmitted to later generations because people who carried a single copy of the mutated gene had a modified (but not abnormal) inflammatory response that may have protected them against some infectious agent at that time.
  • According to Worx Toys co-founder Gene Khasminsky, "Worx Toys are designed for children six and up due to the reading level of the books, but we were surprised to find that children as young as three engage with the toys equally as well."
  • However, when two people who each carry a changed or mutated copy of the same gene for a recessive condition have children, there is a chance with each pregnancy for the child to inherit the two changed or mutated copies from each parent.