Sentence Examples

  • As a mature physical characteristic, chest and abdominal hair is coarser, thicker, and more unruly than vellus or "peach fuzz" hair that is routinely associated with children or women.
  • If you’ve been fighting with fuzz lately and aren’t quite sure how to get soft, silky smooth skin, the best hair removal products can have you hair-free in a snap.
  • Have you noticed the small loose balls of fuzz that form over time on sweaters, blankets, furniture upholstery, and other items made from yard, wool, and other types of fabric?
  • Why not put an ad in the paper, or better yet, spend an afternoon in the grocery store parking lot giving away your cute little fuzz balls for free?
  • Certain medical conditions can lead to unwanted facial hair: everything from an overgrowth of facial peach fuzz to an absurdly thick beard.