Sentence Examples

  • FRANCK, or Frank [latinized [[Francus], Sebastian]] (c. 1 499 - c. 1 543), German freethinker, was born about 1499 at Donauworth, whence he constantly styled himself Franck von Word.
  • 739, when the editor, publisher and printer of the Freethinker were sentenced to imprisonment; but police court proceedings were taken as late as 1908 against an obscure Hyde Park orator who had become a public nuisance.
  • OMAR BIN IBaAIrTIsr AL-KHAYYAM, the great Persian mathematician, astronomer, freethinker and epigrammatist, who derived the epithet Khayytm (the tentmaker) most likely from his fathers trade, was born in or near NIsh~pflr, where he is said to have died in A.H.
  • Although some of his quatrains are purely mystic and pantheistic, most of them bear quite another stamp; they are the breviary of a radical freethinker, who protests in the most forcible manner both against the narrowness, bigotry and uncompromising austerity of the orthodox ulema and the eccentricity, hypocrisy and wild ravings of advanced Sufis, whom he successfully combats with their own weapons, using the whole mystic terminology simply to ridicule mysticism itself.
  • " Freethinker " and " rationalist " have been terms of opprobrium whether used by Protestants or Catholics.

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