Sentence Examples

  • 350), surnamed "the Atheist," founder of an extreme sect of Arians, was a native of Coele-Syria.
  • A common designation of Knox was " the atheist," although it was to him " matter of satisfaction that our most holy religion is founded on faith, not on reason."
  • Feuerbach denied that he was rightly called an atheist, but the denial is merely verbal: what he calls "theism" is atheism in the ordinary sense.
  • DIAGORAS, of Melos, surnamed the Atheist, poet and sophist, flourished in the second half of the 5th century B.C. Religious in his youth and a writer of hymns and dithyrambs, he became an atheist because a great wrong done to him was left unpunished by the gods.
  • One of his teachers was the Cyrenaic Theodorus, called "the atheist," whose influence is clearly shown in Bion's attitude towards the gods.