Sentence Examples

  • Within itself dogmatic atheism, and is probably the only coherent or reasoned type of atheistic opinion.
  • His revolt against Christian faith and morals turns him into a proudly atheistic "free-thinker," and preacher of a new "master" morality, which transposes the current valuations, deposes the "Christian virtues," and incites the "over-man" ruthlessly to trample under foot the servile herd of the weak, degenerate and poor in spirit.
  • It was in this form that he criticized the " atheistic mesmerism " to which his sister Harriet had committed herself, and she never forgave his criticism.
  • The " atheistic " Republic did not for one moment think of putting on sackcloth, or even of giving the Church a single proof of esteem and sympathy.
  • Studying the writings of Karl Marx he became a convert to an extreme revolutionary, socialistic and atheistic creed; but though he entered into correspondence with Marx, with the object of starting a revolutionary movement, he does not appear to have taken any overt part in the events of 1848-1849.

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