Sentence Examples

  • Plus size strapless corsets make a sexy addition to any lingerie collection for women ready to celebrate their curves, and they double as a foundational garment to wear with a strapless gown for that special occasion.
  • There is no set path that one can take to become a video game designer, but there are a few basic foundational things that you should keep in mind if you aspire to design the next Halo or Guitar Hero.
  • This list could go on, but the foundational truth is: If you spend money on any aspect of the diet or exercise regime other than the food you buy at the grocery store, then it is not free.
  • If you're traveling and need a quick routine to do from memory, or if you'd like to deepen the postures or speed up your sequence flow, the foundational postures will serve you well.
  • The good news is that it's generally easier to find the right business model than it is to get the product right because the number of foundational business models is more limited.