Sentence Examples

  • Let there be given the mean velocity V = 1/2 (V,+Vi) of a body whose weight is w, and let itbe required to determine the fluctuation of velocity Vi in, and the extreme velocities v1, v,, which that body must have, in order alternately to store and restore an amount of energy E.
  • Brady could've lost it in the river, but she should still pick up some electromagnetic fluctuation, if he was anywhere except the bottom of the river.
  • The sensation of sound is produced by rapid fluctuation in the pressure of the atmosphere on the tympanum of the Charac- ear.
  • By this fluctuation the pond asserts its title to a shore, and thus the shore is shorn, and the trees cannot hold it by right of possession.
  • The pitch of a musical sound depends on the number of cycles passed through by the fluctuations of the pressure per unit of time; the loudness depends on the amount or the amplitude of the fluctuation in each cycle; the quality depends on the form or the nature of the fluctuation in each cycle.

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