Sentence Examples

  • Elster and Geitel found the sign of the charge often fluctuate repeatedly during a single rain storm, but it seemed more often than not opposite to that of the simultaneous potential gradient.
  • There is a revenue of about L21,000 annually derived chiefly from a poll-tax, leases and customs. The principal exports are copra, bananas, oranges and fungus, and the annual values of exports and imports are £80,000 and 70,000 respectively on an average, though both fluctuate considerably.
  • Pigs, being prolific breeders, fluctuate more widely in numbers than cattle or sheep, for the difference of 1, 49 8, 55 2 in their case represents one-third of the highest total, whereas the difference is less than one-seventh for horses, less than one-sixth for cattle, and less than one-fifth for sheep. The [[Table Xii]].-Numbers of Horses, Cattle, Sheep and Pigs in the United Kingdom.
  • A point of high practical interest is the ratio of carcase weight to fasted live weight, and in the case of prizewinning carcases these ratios usually fluctuate within very narrow limits.
  • The opinions of present-day economists appear to fluctuate between these two extremes.

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