Sentence Examples

  • The result is that no trace of " fiddling " exists, and the movable and fixed webs come sharply together in focus with the highest powers.
  • But the tomato, a berry grown out of its natural proportion by the fiddling of man, at least knew redness was its ultimate goal.
  • The revolts of royalists and sectaries against his government had been easily suppressed, and the various attempts to assassinate him, contemptuously referred to by Cromwell as "little fiddling things," were anticipated and prevented by an excellent system of police and spies, and by his bodyguard of 160 men.
  • He rides fiddling at the head of the host; he plays to the weary warriors in the intervals of the battle in the court of Etzel's palace; but he is also expert at performing other music, with "a strong fiddle-bow, mighty and long, like to a sword, exceeding sharp and broad."
  • Should either fault occur (technically called " fiddling ") it is fatal to accurate measurement.