Sentence Examples

  • Design Your Own - If you're a PhotoShop buff or if you just enjoy fiddling around in MS Paint, the best kind of video game wallpaper (desktop) you can get is the one that you create yourself.
  • Fiddling with your cat's nutritional balance because you have embraced a dietary theory can sometimes yield a diet that is dangerously deficient.
  • Excessive fiddling through the menu and leaving the backlight on will obviously reduce this figure, but this iPod still goes on strong for most of your day, even if you have it playing the entire time.
  • The headphones are designed to eliminate all of that pesky fiddling with tangled cables business that accompany most traditional headphones, because the audio wire in fits with the lanyard itself.
  • If the idea of fiddling with electrical wiring scares you, why not opt for a chandelier that uses candles instead of electricity?