Sentence Examples

  • - In these the pollen grains are smooth and light so as to be easily blown about, and are produced in great quantity; the stigmas are brushlike or feathery, and usually long and protruding so as readily to catch the pollen.
  • Pennata (Feather Grass), i 2 ft., is a very gracefulhabited grass, with stiff slender erect leaves, and long feathery awns to the seeds.
  • The plant is monoecious, producing the staminate (male) flowers in a large feathery panicle at the summit, and the (female) dense spikes of flowers, or " cobs," in the axils of the leaves below, the long pink styles hanging out like a silken tassel.
  • Calcite crystals, drusy, feathery or fern-like, line the sides and bottom of every water-filled cavity, and indeed constitute the sub stance of which they are made.
  • The pair of barren glumes (b) are separated from the flowering glume, which bears a long awn, twisted below the knee and feathery above.

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