Sentence Examples

  • Pairing takes place in August, but the fawns are not born till the following May.
  • For its production and metallurgy see Sydney Fawns, Tin Deposits of the World; A.
  • Coyotes are creatures of slinking and stealthy habits, living in burrows in the plains, and hunting in packs at night, when they utter yapping cries and blood-curdling yells as they gallop. Hares ("jack-rabbits"), chipmunks or ground-squirrels, and mice form a large portion of their food; but coyotes also kill the fawns of deer and prongbuck, as well as sage-hens and other kinds of game-birds.
  • A cursory inspection of the bird, which is not unfrequently brought alive to Europe, its size, and its enormous bill and talons, at once suggest the vast powers of destruction imputed to it, and are enough to account for the stories told of its ravages on mammals - sloths, fawns, peccaries and spidermonkeys.
  • Bucks and does live apart except during the pairingseason; and the doe produces one or two, and sometimes three fawns at a birth.

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