Sentence Examples

  • Alex hadn't fathered their children, but had it not been for him, it never would have happened.
  • So, what would she do if she found out he had fathered Lori's child?
  • The treatises attributed to Geber, in fact, appear to be original works composed not earlier than the 13th century and fathered on Jaber in order to enhance their authority.
  • Roger Bacon - or more probably some one who usurped his name - declared that with a certain amount of the philosopher's stone he could transmute a million times as much base metal into gold, and on Raimon Lull was fathered the boast, " Mare tingerem si mercurius esset."
  • De nugis is a comparatively small book; if it were difficult to find leisure for that, much more would it have been difficult to find the time requisite for the composition of one only of the many long-winded romances which have been fathered on Map. Giraldus Cambrensis, with whom he was on most friendly terms, and who frequently refers to and quotes him, records a speech in which Map contrasted Giraldus' labours with his own, apparently to the disadvantage of the latter, "vos scripta dedistis, et nos verba" - a phrase which has been interpreted as meaning that Map himself had produced no literary work.

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