Sentence Examples

  • Stewart was fatally wounded, an advance was made at 3 P.M.
  • So fatally were the internal affairs of that magnificent but unhappy country bound up with concerns which brought the forces of the civilized world into play.
  • Terry to fight the duel with the United States senator David C. Broderick which ended fatally for the latter.
  • Time after time His life is threatened before the feast is ended, and when the last passover has come we can well understand, what was not made sufficiently clear in the brief Marcan narrative, why Jerusalem proved so fatally hostile to His Messianic claim.
  • He came to the throne at a time when the attacks of the Greeks in Cilicia, and of Zengi on Edessa, were fatally weakening the position of the Franks in northern Syria; and from the beginning of his reign the power of the Latin kingdom of Jerusalem may be said to be slowly declining, though as yet there is little outward trace of its decay to be seen.