Sentence Examples

  • Siena exulted in her recovered freedom; but her sunshine was soon clouded.
  • She exulted in the meeting of the states-general, and most of all when her father, after being driven to Brussels by a state intrigue, was once more recalled and triumphantly escorted into Paris.
  • Fra Domenico exulted in the thought of dying by his master's side; Fra Silvestro, on the contrary, raved with despair.
  • The Jews prayed for his recovery and lamented him, The Gentile soldiers exulted in the downfall of his dynasty, which they signalized after their own fashion.
  • For while the buccaneer forces included English, French and Dutch sailors, and were complemented occasionally by bands of native Indians, there are few instances during the time of their prosperity and growth of their falling upon one another, and treating their fellows with the savagery which they exulted in displaying against the subjects of Spain.