Sentence Examples

  • This ended, in prolonged solemn tones, like the continual tolling of a bell in a ship that is foundering at sea in a fog--in such tones he commenced reading the following hymn; but changing his manner towards the concluding stanzas, burst forth with a pealing exultation and joy--
  • "Moscow, our ancient capital, the New Jerusalem, receives her Christ"--he placed a sudden emphasis on the word her--"as a mother receives her zealous sons into her arms, and through the gathering mists, foreseeing the brilliant glory of thy rule, sings in exultation, 'Hosanna, blessed is he that cometh!'"
  • What fierce exultation, sensual, almost erotic, in violating the virginity of a cave !
  • That is the sequence that led to a great exultation among Jews and a sudden popularity for the Jerusalem Church.
  • The aftermath When the outcome of the Battle was fully known there was much exultation in Germany and despondency in Britain.

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