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  • Regulation has been a burning political question since 1876, the constitution making it the duty of the legislature to " correct abuses and prevent un j ust discriminations and extortions in all charges of express, telegraph and railroad companies " within the state.
  • He had liberated the Sudanese from the extortions of the Egyptians, but the people soon found that the Mandi's rule was even more oppressive than had been that of their former masters, and after the Mandi's death the situation of the peasantry in particular grew rapidly worse, neither life nor property being safe.
  • The social condition of the time recalls that of present-day Morocco, in the high price of necessaries and the extortions of the financial authorities; every man was either soldier, beggar or smuggler.
  • Disease and famine; crushing imposts and extortions; official debasement of the currency; bankruptcy; state prisons; religious and political inquisition; suppression of all institutions for the safe-guarding of rights; tyranny by the intendants; royal, feudal and clerical oppression burdening every faculty and every necessary of life; monstrous and incurable luxury; the horrible drama of poison; the twofold adultery of Madame de Montespan; and the narrow bigotry of Madame de Maintenon-~--all concurred to make the end of the reign a sad contrast with the splendour of its beginning.
  • They increased the power of the monarchy The sons politically by destroying the feudal reaction excited of Philip in 1314 by the tyrannical conduct of the jurists, like the Fair Enguerrandde Marigny, and by the increasingfinancial (14: extortions of their father; and they alsonotably ~ Philip V., one of the most hard-working of the Capets increased it on the administrative side by specializing the services of justice and of finance, which were separated from the kings council.

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