Sentence Examples

  • Society is described as honeycombed with crimes and vices; prophets, priests, princes and the people generally are said to practise unblushingly extortion, oppression, murder, falsehood, adultery (xxii.).
  • On his return to Rome (S4) he was accused of extortion in his province.
  • He was accused of extortion and treachery to the state, and denounced by Gaius to the emperor.
  • On the second charge, that of repetundae (extortion during the administration of his province), with especial reference to the io,000 talents paid by Ptolemy for his restoration, he was found guilty, in spite of evidence offered on his behalf by Pompey and witnesses from Alexandria and the eloquence of Cicero, who had been induced to plead his cause.
  • Even if the agent made no profit he was bound to return double what he had received, if he made poor profit he had to make up the deficiency; but he was not responsible for loss by robbery or extortion on his travels.

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