Sentence Examples

  • His vast wealth was gained by extortion and robbery.
  • Society is described as honeycombed with crimes and vices; prophets, priests, princes and the people generally are said to practise unblushingly extortion, oppression, murder, falsehood, adultery (xxii.).
  • On his return to Rome (S4) he was accused of extortion in his province.
  • He was accused of extortion and treachery to the state, and denounced by Gaius to the emperor.
  • He succeeded Bourchier as archbishop of Canterbury in 1486 and Alcock as lord chancellor in 1487; and he was responsible for much of the diplomatic, if not also of the financial, work of the reign, though the ingenious method of extortion popularly known as "Morton's fork" seems really to have been the invention of Richard Fox, who succeeded to a large part of Morton's influence.

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