Sentence Examples

  • The address in reply to the speech from the throne, voted after a debate in which abstract theories had triumphed over common sense, demanded universal suffrage, the establishment of pure parliamentary government, the abolition of capital punishment, the expropriation of the landlords, a political amnesty, and the suppression of the Imperial Council.
  • This is the last of the buildings and rubbish which encumbered the temple before the expropriation and clearances by the Service des Antiquites began in 1885.
  • This class, who desired to own their own land, were believed to have been won over and pacified by the expropriation of the owners of the large estates.
  • (See Eminent Domain, under which the American law of compensation, and the closely allied doctrine of expropriation pour cause d'utilite publique of French law, and the law of other continental countries, are discussed.) The rule of English constitutional law, on the other hand, is that the property of the citizen cannot be seized for purposes which are really " public " without a fair pecuniary equivalent being given to him; and, as the money for such compensation must come from parliament, the practical result is that the seizure can only be effected under legislative authority.
  • Equably carried out, but there were several hard cases in the expropriation of some of the smaller private lines.

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