Sentence Examples

  • The grand pensionary, Olden Barneveldt, the leader of the Remonstrant party, Grotius and Hoogerbeets were arrested, brought to trial, and condemned - Olden Barneveldt to death, and Grotius to imprisonment for life and confiscation of his property.
  • A court, largely composed of his antagonists, condemned him to death, but the empress reduced the sentence to lifelong imprisonment in Schliisselburg and confiscation of all his estates.
  • France, like the States of the Church, was facing financial ruin; but France did what the government of priests could not: namely, saved the day by the confiscation and sale of ecclesiastical property.
  • The vengeance of Henry was not satisfied by this judicial murder of his friend and servant; he enforced the confiscation of what small property More had left, expelled Lady More from the house at Chelsea, and even set aside assignments which had been legally executed by More, who foresaw what would happen before the commission of the alleged treason.
  • And arming of the slaves, the execution of prominent Southern leaders, and the wholesale confiscation of Confederate property.

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