Sentence Examples

  • Aviation grade ethanol, (AGE-85) is an 85 percent ethanol blended fuel that is beginning to replace 100 octane low lead aviation gasoline, which has been the standard fuel for reciprocating engine aircraft since World War II.
  • Sustainability: According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, many of the crops grown for ethanol are not done so in a sustainable manner, resulting in habitat destruction and loss of valuable food supply resources.
  • Greenhouse gas emission: While ethanol use is beneficial for the environment, an article in BioScience suggests that the greenhouse gasses emitted during production of the fuel cancels out that effect.
  • Many large farms in the Midwest have planted all or part of their land area to take advantage of the government subsidies which are offered for corn production to supply the ethanol production needs.
  • When people purchase vehicles that run on ethanol, who will make sure there are adequate ethanol pumps or service stations so that the drivers of these energy-efficient cars will be able to refuel?