Sentence Examples

  • Many large farms in the Midwest have planted all or part of their land area to take advantage of the government subsidies which are offered for corn production to supply the ethanol production needs.
  • Some experts feel that emissions caused by the use of petroleum-based fuels to farm the corn and produce the ethanol may be greater than the emissions saved using ethanol as an alternative fuel.
  • Reduces air pollution: Ethanol reduces the amount of carbon monoxide and other ground-level toxic air pollutants as compared to conventional unleaded gasoline by about 10 to 30 percent.
  • Some of these studies base their findings on ethanol, a biofuel made from corn, and declare that biofuels will be too expensive and come at a cost to the world food supply.
  • Aviation grade ethanol, (AGE-85) is an 85 percent ethanol blended fuel that is beginning to replace 100 octane low lead aviation gasoline, which has been the standard fuel for reciprocating engine aircraft since World War II.