Sentence Examples

  • Glareanus (1510) was the first to employ an equidistant zenithal polar projection.
  • P. I), a cylinder is ruled with equidistant white lines parallel to the axis on a black ground.
  • Thus in the case of the circular disk, equidistant (r) from the source of light and from the screen upon which the shadow is observed, the width of the first exterior zone is given by = X(2r)/4(2x), 2x being the diameter of the disk.
  • The object-glass of a telescope, the Fresnel's zones are reduced to parallel and equidistant straight strips, which at certain angles coincide with the ruling.
  • In these instruments the lines are ruled upon a spherical surface of speculum metal, and mark the intersections of the surface by a system of parallel and equidistant planes, o; of which the middle member passes through the centre of the sphere.