Sentence Examples

  • Lathum waved a hand in dismissal, his mind already firmly entrenched in another project.
  • In October 1676, in his entrenched camp at Zaravno, he with 13,000 men withstood 80,000 Turks for three weeks, and recovered by special treaty two-thirds of the Ukraine, but without Kamieniec (treaty of Zaravno, Oct.
  • The common people, whom he had always favoured at the expense of the boyars, thereupon implored him to come back on his own terms. He consented to do so, but entrenched himself within a peculiar institution, the oprichina or "separate estate."
  • As follows; On the Meuse, which forms the principal natural barrier on the side of Lorraine Verdun (q.v.) was fortified as a large entrenched camp, and along the river above this were constructed a series of forts darrft (see MEUSE LINE) ending in another entrenched camp at Toul, (qv.).
  • Here another entrenched camp was made and from it the Moselle line (qv.) of forts darrit continues the barrier to Belfort (q.v.), another large entrenched camp, beyond which a series of fortifications at Montbliard and the Lomont range carries the line of defence to the Swiss border, which in turn is protected by works at Pontarlier and elsewhere.

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