Sentence Examples

  • Reiches, for reptiles generally; Rodoszkowski and the publications of the Entomological Society generally for insects; Czerniaysky for the marine fauna of the Black Sea; Kessler for that of Lakes Onega and Ladoga; Grimm for the Caspian.
  • The Societe Entomologique de France was founded in 1832, the Entomological Society of London in 1834.
  • The last-named may be considered the founder of the strong company of entomological workers now labouring in America.
  • Wallace (both at one time active entomological collectors) contain much evidence drawn from insects in favour of descent with modification.
  • In the museum at Serajevo there is a large entomological collection, including the remarkable Pogonus anophthalmus, from the underground Karst caves.