Sentence Examples

  • The term Thysanoptera was first used by the Irish entomologist A.
  • 2 Entomologist, vii.
  • Mayr, Die mitteleuropaischen Eichengallen in Wort and Bild (Vienna, 1870-1871), and the translation of that work, with notes, in the Entomologist, vols.
  • Among the more important officers appointed by the governor are the superintendent of public instruction, the commissioner of agriculture, statistics and mines, an assayer, state entomologist, and officers of the penitentiary.
  • At the Cape excellent works and papers are prepared and issued by the government entomologist, Dr Lounsbury, under the auspices of the Agricultural Department; while from India we have Cotes's Notes on Economic Entomology, published by the Indian Museum in 1888, and other works, especially on tea pests.