Sentence Examples

  • "Ones that can't be enforced, in case you lose?" she challenged.
  • He had stood behind her every decision since and enforced them all.
  • In Roman law, the judge gave the preference to the equitable rule.
  • Macaulay's famous essay, though a classic, is very partial and inaccurate; and Burke's speech, on the impeachment of Warren Hastings, is magnificent rhetoric. The true historical view has been restored by Sir James Stephen's Story of Nuncomar (1885) and by Sir John Strachey's Hastings and Me Rohilla War (1892), and it is enforced in some detail in Sydney C. Grier's Letters of Warren Hastings to his Wife (1905), material for which existed in a mass of documents relating to Hastings, acquired by the British Museum.
  • Thereupon the power of church and state enforced by positive enactments the passive resistance of old institutions to the novel theories.

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