Sentence Examples

  • Electors of the council must be natural-born or naturalized subjects of the king, twenty-one years of age, resident in Tasmania for twelve months, and possessing a freehold of the annual value of £ro or a leasehold of the annual value of 30 within the electoral district; the property qualification being waived in the case of persons with university degrees or belonging to certain professions.
  • In the following year, as already stated, Spain waived her claim to the territory north of 42° in favour of the United States.
  • The right of levying seigniorage, however, was sometimes waived by the king to encourage his subjects to bring gold and silver to the mint, and several instances are recorded in which the aid of alchemists was called in to effect the transmutation of baser metals into gold.
  • Forfeiture only renders a lease void as regards the lessee; it may be waived by the lessor, and acceptance by the landlord of rent due after forfeiture, with notice of such forfeiture.
  • A forfeiture is also waived if the landlord elects not to take advantage of it - and shows his election either expressly or impliedly by some act, which acknowledges the continuance of the tenancy, e.g.

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