Sentence Examples

  • The work exhibiting this fantastic emulation of extravagance with genius was dedicated to James I.
  • " Before Evagoras established his rule, they were so hostile and exclusive, that those of their rulers were actually held to be the best who were the fiercest adversaries of the Greeks; but now such a change has taken place, that it is a matter of emulation who shall show himself the most ardent phil-hellen, that for the mothers of their children most of them choose wives from amongst us, and that they take pride in having Greek things about rather than native, in following the Greek fashion of life, whilst our masters of the fine arts and other branches of culture now resort to them in greater numbers than were once to be found in those quarters they specially frequented " (Isoc. '99= Evag.
  • This process of emulation, very appropriately called by the late Sir H.
  • At the commencement of his new career he enriched the academical collection with many memoirs, which excited a noble emulation between him and the Bernoullis, though this did not in any way affect their friendship. It was at this time that he carried the integral calculus to a higher degree of perfection, invented the calculation of sines, reduced analytical operations to a greater simplicity, and threw new light on nearly all parts of pure mathematics.
  • At fifteen, not before, Benjamin was sent to a Unitarian school at Walthamstow - a well-known school, populous enough to be a little world of emulation and conflict but otherwise unfit.