Sentence Examples

  • There is no proof that any direct emolument was ever attached to the office, while the expense and trouble entailed by it must often have been very great.
  • The Institutionum historiae ecclesiasticae libri appeared in 1726, and in the same year he was appointed by the duke of Brunswick abbot of Marienthal, to which dignity and emolument the abbacy of Michaelstein was added in the following year.
  • Every position of influence and emolument was assigned to them; they themselves boastingly called the important province of Irak the garden of Koreish.
  • Two years later he was appointed physician to Queen Elizabeth, with the usual emolument of £too a year.
  • "As to the governments of this world," he said, "whatever their titles or forms we shall endeavour to prove that in their essential elements, as at present administered, they are all anti-Christ; that they can never by human wisdom be brought into conformity with the will of God; that they cannot be maintained except by naval and military power to carry them into effect; that all their penal enactments, being a dead letter without any army to carry them into effect, are virtually written in human blood; and that the followers of Jesus should instinctively shun their stations of honor, power: and emolument - at the same time ` submitting to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake' and offering no physical resistance to any of their mandates, however unjust or tyrannical."