Sentence Examples

  • Music was very segregated at the time, but the rich legacy of gospel and blues, coupled with the new R&B records being made by African-American musicians, clicked with Elvis and became his own musical inspiration.
  • Some of the fun and exciting Las Vegas wedding ideas for families are to include such things as Elvis impersonators, pastors with pink hair, or drive through window weddings and adorableLas Vegas wedding chapels.
  • Ventura Elvis Anniversary Edition: To commemorate the original Ventura Elvis Presley donned in Blue Hawaii, Hamilton engineers revamped the design, boosted up the functional features and increased the case size.
  • For example, the annual "Elvis Presley" Carnival cruise features the world's best Elvis impersonator tributes, themed activities, in-room Elvis movies, trivia, meet and greet sessions and an Elvis fashion show.
  • Phillips saw a potential outlet for his idea in Elvis, and despite a rocky beginning with Elvis failing to pull off many of the songs Phillips wanted him to sing, eventually they hit on a song they could use.