Sentence Examples

  • The Apostolical Constitutions, for instance, fix it at three years; 1 the synod of Elvira at two.
  • 306, when the synod of Elvira, Spain, decreed (can.
  • Elvira) presided in 1020, conferred the great model charter of Leon, and passed laws for the whole kingdom.
  • The latter, which form the local section, are further divided into several classes: firstly, the synods held under the Roman empire, the chief being that of Elvira 4 (c. 300); next the texts belonging to the kingdom of the Suevi, after the conversion of these barbarians by St Martin of Braga: these are, the two councils of Braga (563 and 572), and a sort of free translation or adaptation of the canons of the Greek councils, made by Martin of Braga; this is the document frequently quoted in later days under the name of Capitula Martini papae; thirdly, the decisions of the councils of the Visigothic Church, after its conversion to Catholicism.
  • 1065), son of Sancho of Navarre, was put in possession of Castile in 1028, on the murder of the last count, as the heir of his mother Elvira, daughter of a previous count of Castile.

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