Sentence Examples

  • The only of Damian's family to be on any sort of speaking terms with the Watchers, she'd tried not to contact them after Damian's edict about declaring war on the immortal creatures.
  • On the appointed day a number of representatives appeared, and after some elaborate and fantastic ceremonials Rienzi, as dictator, issued an edict citing the emperor Louis the Bavarian and his rival Charles, afterwards the emperor Charles IV., and also the imperial electors and all others concerned in the dispute, to appear before him in order that he might pronounce judgment in the case.
  • Neither the imperial edict nor the work of Henry VIII.
  • After the revocation of the edict of Nantes the settlement of some French refugees further stimulated this industry.
  • Each successive praetor adopted the edict of his predecessor, and added new equitable rules of his own, until the further growth of the irregular code was stopped by the praetor Salvius Julianus in the reign of Hadrian.

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