Sentence Examples

  • By the end of season two of the show, however, the once dysfunctional couple showed signs of finding a new equilibrium in their relationship to let them parent their son, even if their romantic relationship was over.
  • Because nothing makes better reality television than a dysfunctional family, Nick and Aaron Carter are getting the whole family together to film the reality show "House of Carters" for E!
  • Slacker Radio - Slacker offers all sorts of different genre's of holiday music for free including: Jazz, Country, Hip Hop and even a station titled "Dysfunctional Holdiay."
  • There are plenty of good restaurants, but go to the Hitching Post for a steak and conjure up that image of that dysfunctional Pinot lover Miles a la Sideways at the bar.
  • While cortical dementia affects the outer layers of the brain, subcortical dementias are related to dysfunctional parts of the brain beneath the outer layers.