Sentence Examples

  • There are also pay-per-use options that include calling 411 directory assistance, downloading ringtones, downloading games, roaming (taking calls and receiving texts outside of the coverage area), making international calls, and more.
  • Some sites offer downloads for free, while other sites are paid downloading sites; just keep in mind that you will need to download tracks that are compatible with your operating system or that can be played in your karaoke machine.
  • After downloading these music batch files -- "torrents" typically contain entire albums, discographies, or collections -- you can either burn the music on a CD or upload it to your favorite portable MP3 player (like the iPod nano).
  • In the US, the RIAA filed hundreds of lawsuits against users of file sharing network, and in 2009 landmark legal decision, a judge ordered a Minnesota woman to pay a fee of several hundred thousand dollars for downloading music.
  • Users had difficulty making the dock work, while others were just generally dissatisfied with what the dock offered for the price - the dock isn't a necessary investment for downloading to your iPod, it simply makes it easier.