Sentence Examples

  • The doublets in xxi.
  • Moreover, the account of the joint undertaking by Judah (under Jehoshaphat) and Israel against Syria at Ramoth-Gilead at the time of Ahab's death, and again (under Ahaziah) when Jehoram was wounded, shortly before the accession of Jehu, are historical doublets, and they can hardly be harmonized either with the known events of 854 and 842 or with the course of the intervening years.
  • It will also be noticed that the least refrangible of the doublets of the 1 Astrophys.
  • Branches must according to the above law correspond to the most refrangible of the doublets of the trunk, and if the components of the doublets have different intensities the stronger components must lie on different sides in the trunk and branch series.
  • If we compare together the spectra of the alkali metals, we find that the doublets of the branch series separate more and more as the wave-length increases.

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