Sentence Examples

  • C H 6h4< >Nr - > C 6 1-14� +Nh2r]]; CO > CO COOH by distilling the amino-acids with baryta; by the action of bromine and caustic potash on the acid-amides (A.
  • 557.) Titanium fluoride, TiF 4, is a fuming colourless liquid boiling at 284°, obtained by distilling a mixture of titanium oxide, fluorspar and sulphuric acid; by heating barium titanofluoride, BaTiF6 (Emrich, Monats., 1904, 25, p. 907); and by the action of dry hydrofluoric acid on the chloride (Ruff and Plato, Ber., 1904, 37, p. 673).
  • It can also be prepared by distilling meta-oxyuvitic acid with lime, or by the action of air on boiling toluene in the presence of aluminium chloride (C. Friedel and J.
  • The industries (linen, yarn-spinning, distilling, brewing, salt-refining, shipbuilding) are comparatively unimportant.
  • These distilling vessels are called retorts if they are supported only at the ends, and the furnace using them is termed a Belgian furnace.

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