Sentence Examples

  • But in 1083 he was suddenly disgraced and imprisoned for having planned a military expedition to Italy.
  • Gibbon has criticized it with the utmost frankness, not to say severity; but, after every abatement, it is unquestionably a surprising effort for a mind so young, and contains many thoughts which would not have disgraced a thinker or a scholar of much maturer age.
  • The events which helped the disgraced officer of August 1795 to impose his will on France in November 1799 now claim our attention.
  • He disgraced or imprisoned the ringleaders, ordered Bernadotte (perhaps the fountain head of the whole affair) to take the waters at Plombieres and drove from office Fouche, who had sought to screen the real offenders by impugning the royalists.
  • Her blunt manners, her unconcealed scorn of the male favourites that disgraced the court, and perhaps also her sense of unrequited merit, produced an estrangement between her and the empress, which ended in her asking permission to travel abroad.

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