Sentence Examples

  • Kuragin is exquisite when he discusses politics--you should see his gravity!
  • His extant works consist of two treatises; the one, Hcpi ravovj.thv s v4aipas, contains some simple propositions on the motion of the sphere, the other, IIEpi EirtroXWV Kai Sbo €wv, in two books, discusses the rising and setting of the fixed stars.
  • Father Martin del Rio, a Jesuit, writing in 1600, discusses the exact case of the revelation of a plot in confession.
  • God as is spiritual rule, and discusses what is meant by the state.
  • Detached details are given also in works upon Constantine (Manso), Julian (Mi eke, Rode, Neumann, Rendall), Damasus (Rade), Arianism (Gwatkin's Studies of Arianism, which gives a severe but trustworthy criticism of Rufinus and discusses the manner in which Socrates was related to him), the emperors after Julian (De Broglie, Richter, Clinton, the Weltgeschichte of Ranke, the Gesch.

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